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First Nations Relationship With Lagardère Group

Walking, Talking and Working together with ‘non-Indigenous Australians’, this is where Australian First Nation business collaborate with Corporate and Industry Leaders for the development of new and innovative products to the market both domestically and internationally. Profits are shared equally making it a win – win for all stakeholders involved and allowing the development of further innovations.

These collaborations are allowing the sharing of genuine Authentic Australian First Nation communities products and innovations and a positive collective leadership model that has been established to provide significant benefits to all stakeholders involved. This journey is fast becoming one of the leading stories for promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business in a positive, healthy light, and our dedicated staff will always work to assure our Domestic and International partners in culture and commerce, of nothing less than the highest quality products and highest quality outcomes, delivering mutual benefit to all involved.

Community is the star of this showcase’ so please come back again and see what amazing new product and innovations have been developed in collaboration to assist with the “Sharing of Stories and Song line”.

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